Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental, non-profit, self-governing organization that promotes the development of the national economy and its integration into the world system, strengthens market mechanisms, and provides practical business assistance.

Kyiv Region
Kyiv, 01054, 55 B. Khmelnytsky Street



The range of activities of the Chamber is extensive and is aimed at establishing business contacts between Ukrainian and foreign organizations, developing new forms of cooperation, participating in international programs, and holding business meetings, business missions, conferences, and presentations. Since its inception, the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry has performed several work areas, the main of which was the examination of goods, raw materials, and equipment, and issues and consultations on foreign economic activity. From this, we started to move forward.  

We started with the fact that almost no one knew us. Now we have signed 84 agreements on cooperation with various chambers of commerce and organizations and organizations in many countries. The reference point is that in 2020 the Kyiv Club of Central European Partner Chambers was established on the basis of the Chamber, which included 13 countries. This is a huge step forward. Nowadays, we professionally provide about 50 different services. We are most proud that absolute experts in their field have come in these directions. Professionalism is the key to the success of any organization. We have grown into a powerful business association, which is known not only in Kyiv but also far beyond our country. 

On average, up to 40,000 clients pass through the Chamber every year. Thanks to the assistance of KCCI experts, enterprise Galvanotekhnika avoided fines from the Environmental Inspectorate for UAH 0.3 million and claims from the SFS for non-deduction of income of UAH 17 million. Also, we helped to solve the land problem of the Kyiv Radio Plant - one of the land plots of the enterprise has been included in the cadastral map. We managed to protect the management of "Fanery i Plyty" from criminal prosecution. We have organized negotiations for Elio Ukraine with the Italian CCI and for Eridon with the Chinese trade representative. An advertising campaign for foreign consumers has been organized for the Institute of Health Technologies. For Ukrplastyk and Zavod 410 CA, we facilitated the establishment of business relations with strategic partners.



The list of activities performed by the Kyiv CCI within the statutory activities and in accordance with the estimate of the use of membership fees:

  • providing members of the Chamber with primary information on economic development and promotion of entrepreneurship;;
  • consultations on issues within the scope of the Chamber's activities;
  • organization of interaction between business entities of any form of ownership on issues of cooperation and subcontracting;
  • placement of information materials about the members of the Chamber in the magazine "Business Panorama" (once a year);
  • mailing of Business Panorama magazine and operational business information;
  • publication of information about the members of the Chamber in catalogs and directories in Ukrainian and English;
  • mailing of advertising and information materials of the members of the Chamber (once a year);;
  • placement of information materials of the Chamber members on the Chamber's stand (once a year - 200 copies for a period of 1 month);
  • posting information about the members of the Chamber on our website;
  • providing information on exhibition events held in Kyiv, Ukraine, and abroad;
  • prompt informing about new proposals for cooperation, which are received by the Chamber, taking into account the profile of the members of the Chamber;
  • organization of business meetings and negotiations with representatives of domestic and foreign companies interested in establishing business contacts;
  • invitations to participate in practical seminars on various issues of entrepreneurship;
  • preparation and distribution of annual analytical materials on the economic development of Kyiv;
  • inviting members of the Chamber to participate in conferences, business meetings, round tables, and other events held by the Chamber;
  • holding fairs of innovation and investment projects of enterprises and scientific organizations.



Kyiv CCI's main services are examinations, quality and quantity control of goods, determination of their value, issuance of certificates of origin, declaration of foreign trade transactions, barcoding, legal support, and quality analysis and translation, advertising, and publishing services.

Services provided to entrepreneurs (fixed prices):

  • information-marketing and reference service;
  • search for domestic and foreign business partners;
  • organization of exhibitions, fairs, and presentations of companies in the Chamber;
  • advertising in the catalog "Business Kyiv" and the magazine "Business Panorama";
  • participation in business seminars;
  • provision of legal services and arbitration court;
  • examination services;
  • determination of product code;
  • registration of the certificate of conformity of production in the CERTEX system;
  • price examination of the contract;
  • market research;
  • providing a full range of customs brokerage services;
  • advertising and printing services;
  • interpretation and translations from foreign languages ​​and into foreign languages;
  • barcoding services;
  • price information services;
  • organization of training and advanced training of specialists of enterprises-members of the Chamber in Ukraine and abroad;
  • organization of visits to international exhibitions, fairs, and business forums.

Services for entrepreneurs (fixed prices without benefits for members of the Chamber):

  • calculations of toll raw material costs;
  • assessment of product and production quality for the award of a diploma and a mark under the program "Capital Quality Standard"; 
  • registration of the certificate of origin of goods;
  • training on labor protection with the issuance of relevant certificates;;
  • registration of ATA Cornet.

At the present moment, the Kyiv CCI has 1,200 members. Advantages of membership in the Chamber:

  • promoting the development of the region and individual enterprises;
  • information support and business communication;
  • assistance in establishing business relations with institutions, enterprises of foreign business circles;
  • interaction of government and business representatives along with KCCI;
  • participation in work of branch committees at KCCI;
  • participation in the competitions "Best Exporter" and "Stolychnyy Standart Yakosti";
  • participation in business events and meetings of the Chamber;
  • participation in the program "Right Choice";
  • support for entrepreneurs abroad;
  • recommendations;
  • access to the database of reliable Ukrainian partners;
  • receiving information materials about business and for business;
  • the magazine "Business Panorama" is for free;
  • personal invitations to participate in events;
  • placement of information and use of the site;
  • placement in the catalog of enterprises-members of KCCI;
  • distribution of information materials;
  • consulting support;
  • individual approach;
  • comprehensive service;
  • obtaining a "Reliable Partner" certificate;
  • assistance in the promotion of goods and services;
  • discounts on chamber services up to 10%.



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